My Father, Bradley Battaglia, grew up in the city of Buffalo (south side) and lived in WNY for over 40 years. He always dreamt of one day owning his own family business. Growing up in an Italian home, food and get-togethers have always been part of our weekly norm. My mother,  Donna Battaglia, was a country girl from Alden. She has always had a passion for food, which led to a home cooked meal every night of the week. My brother, Tim, moved to North Carolina 18 years ago. While visiting, my father asked him, “when and where do you have pizza night around here?” Tim replied, “We don’t, there are no places to get WNY pizza or wings”. That was the moment that triggered my father’s inspiration of opening our own pizzeria. He figured if there were no places in NC to get our hometown pizza and wings, why don’t we bring our home style cooking from Buffalo to the South! So, he did just that. Pizza night, for us, typically meant one day a week (usually Thursday) and we would order pizza and wings from our favorite local pizzeria. We wanted to share our joy and memories from pizza night in Buffalo and pass it along to other families in the South.