American Dreams Still Come True…

My Father Bradley Battaglia, growing up in the city of Buffalo (south side) and living in WNY for over 40 years, always dreamt of one day owning his own family business.  Growing up in an Italian home, food and get together’s has always been part of our weekly norm.  My mother Donna Battaglia, a country girl from Alden has always had a passion for food, which led to a home cooked meal every night of the week.  After my brother Tim moved to NC 18 years ago my family was soon to follow.  We would visit him a few times a year.  While visiting, my father asked my brother, “where and when do you have pizza night around here?”  He replied, “They didn’t, there were no places to get WNY pizza or wings”.  That very moment triggered my father’s inspiration of opening up our own pizzeria.  He figured if there was no places in NC to get our hometown pizza and wings let’s bring our home style cooking from Buffalo to the South!  So, he did just that.  Pizza night growing up in WNY meant one day a week, for us typically Thursday, ordering pizza and wings from our favorite local pizzeria.  It was our time to sit around the table at home and enjoy our favorite delicious comfort food!  We wanted to share our joy and memories as a family from pizza night in Buffalo and pass it along to other families in the South.

Not knowing every minute detail that went into owing your own business, it was a major struggle.  Having experience in the restaurant business, customer relations and management you would think that would be all that was needed to open a restaurant but we were mistaken.  Yes, you need all of that but you also needed a lot of money, time and devotion.  My family and I fought for every customer when opening the doors back in 2003 and we still do till this day.  After being on an emotional roller coaster and working 14-16 hours a day 6 days a week, we’ve mastered the art of what pizza and wings should taste like!  In turn, this has enabled us to produce a more consistent product.  So consistent, that we sold 8200 wings and 65 Sheet Pizza’s this past Super bowl in February, that doesn’t include any other pizza sizes.

Besides pizza and wings we also discovered that we could not find other favorites growing up such as Haddock Fish Fry’s, Beef on Weck, Sahlens Hot Dogs and Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry.   So again, we began to incorporate these items into our menu.  We wanted to share what we ate growing up in WNY with people in the South.  Since we have been serving Haddock Fish Fry’s our business has grown to the point where this past Good Friday we sold just over 100 Pieces of Haddock Fish!  Another staple of our menu has been our Sirloin Roast Beef on Weck and our delicious Chicken Finger and Royal Subs.  Around 2008 we began selling Sahlens hot dogs individually off the menu and individual cans of Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry.  In 2010, we began selling the 5lb bags of Sahlens and cases of Aunt Rosie’s loganberry and still do!  Combining all of our favorite foods on a single menu is how we created the name Taste of Buffalo Pizzeria.

All this hard work, which has led to the success of our business, is due to our family’s dedication and to the hard work of our long-term employees.  Most importantly, we need to thank our customers and friends that have believed in us and have been so loyal to us.  No matter where you are from, whether it is the North, South, East or West, there are no words that can express how much you’ve meant to us.   Your smiles say it all when you’re biting into a piece of sheet pizza or pit style wings.  From my parents, brother, Aunt, Uncle, and to my mother’s best friend this place has always been our dream to succeed.  Some people look up to athletes or actors, but not me. My dad is my hero.

After 9 years, many oven and grease scars, a ton of sweat and more tears than you can count, the Taste of Buffalo Pizzeria is so very proud to announce that we are growing!  Our tiny home that was once comfortable for our customers and employees has been out grown.  We will be expanding into the store space next to us.  We have been listening to our customers that want more dining room to enjoy their dining experience.  We will now incorporate a much larger dinning area, a bar to enjoy draft beer with the best wings and a salad bar.  Initially, when we opened it was designed for take out and delivery only.  However, people enjoyed the atmosphere of the small family business so much they wanted to dine in and reminisce about Buffalo.

Our original section of dinning will be used for birthday parties or special events.  Our grand reopening celebration and 9 year anniversary party will be scheduled within the next few weeks.  We are so looking forward to another decade to come.  After having the Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure celebrate our 5th anniversary, it would be a dream come true if we could get Jim Kelly to come celebrate our 10th anniversary next year!

“Before” photos of Construction Progress: